Furnace Repair & Installation

Heating Systems Repair & Maintenance

At Accurate Air Solutions, we are committed to showing up when our clients need us and offering the best solutions.

Whether your furnace has broken down and you need to have it repaired or you are in need of a new furnace, we can help. Our Accurate HVAC specialists have all the necessary parts and knowledge to make heating repairs for virtually any make and model of furnace hassle-free. Our heating services include top of the line furnaces that our customers depend on. Residents and businesses in Houston rely on us for quality heating installations so their furnaces run efficiently and for a long time. When repairs or maintenance are needed, we are here to ensure you receive the most professional, Accurate service.

If you have a gas furnace, you can rely on us for:

  1. Furnace maintenance
  2. Furnace repair
  3. Furnace replacement

Furnace Installation

Our team always makes sure a furnace can keep things warm. First, we assess your property to determine the best size. Too small a furnace won’t heat the entire space, too large a unit will be strained, running in shorter cycles. Over time, this means wasted energy, higher utility bills, and more frequent repairs and shortened operating life.

The type of unit is also important. We help our customers choose furnaces that work for them, including cleaner burning natural gas furnaces. Liquid propane is often used where natural gas isn’t available.

Accurate Air Solutions can also arrange to accommodate your new system with the proper ductwork and exhaust components so it runs safely and at peak efficiency. Skilled, professional installation ensures there is always a fuel source available and the furnace is properly ventilated, avoiding serious, potentially fatal issues with exhaust gases.

Furnace Repair​

Hot Houston climate can seem endless, but there are a few times a year we need to turn on the heater. Furnace inspections should be completed in the fall, but heating repairs may be needed at any time. Heating maintenance on your furnace is important because it:

  1. Maximizes efficiency
  2. Tunes up performance
  3. Avoids most service repair calls
  4. Prolongs equipment life

Maintenance service costs much less than replacing components prematurely. There are also many things to consider when furnace repair is the option. If your furnace is less than 15 years old, it may still be practical to repair it, unless you stand to save substantially with more current, efficient technologies.

Repair costs should be less than 50% of the price of new heating installations. This means fixing the unit may still be practical if the blower motor or belt is preventing the system from blowing air, or a fan belt slips and causes the unit to squeal. Various fixable problems can trigger noise such as pinging, popping, rattling, or grinding.

Dirty filters, blocked registers, and failed thermostats can lead to reduced efficiency or complete failure. Our technicians are highly skilled at determining the root cause of a problem and providing effective solutions. We can perform the necessary heating repairs, so you restore your furnace’s performance.

Contact us if your furnace is:

  1. Leaking gas
  2. Providing insufficient heat
  3. Not blowing air
  4. Cycling on/off too often
  5. Repeatedly shutting off after 5 minutes
  6. Running continuously
  7. Making unusual noise

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